RevAmp Technologies

Learn what makes the Fuelfree Generator
a truly revolutionary device:

  • A New Source of Energy
A New Source of Energy
The FFG produces electricity by cooling its surrounding air.
By leveraging the kinetic energy of air's molecules as its energy source it is guaranteed not to run out of energy supply.

  • Environmentally Friendly
Environmentally Friendly
The FFG does not emit any pollutants, and does not heat its environment - In fact, in order to produce electricity, It cools the surrounding air!

  • An Unlimited Supply of Electricity
An Unlimited Supply of Electricity
The FFG produces electricity on-demand - You will never to pay another electricity bill again!

  • Extremely Reliable
Extremely Reliable
The FFG is extremely reliable - it work under any weather conditions, at any altitude, non stop, providing a sustained rate of electricity which you can count on to supply your day to day needs.

  • Open Source Hardware
Open Source Hardware
All the technology behind the FFG has been made available to the public. Check out our website in order to grok the science and the technology behind the FFG.