The Team

The Cool Energy Source

RevAmp Technologies is a small Israeli startup.
Our founders are:

Solomon Khmelnik, Ph.D., Chief Scientist

Solomon Khmelnik, Ph.D.

Solomon is the man behind the science and the technology. His expertise, thoroughness, and dedication made these scientific and technological domains accessible. Solomon has a Ph.D. in technical sciences, and his areas of expertise include electrical engineering, designing hardware for high-speed arithmetic computations, and (search method for global solutions of) the Navier-Stokes equations.

Inna Doubson, Chief Operating Officer

Inna Doubson, COO

Inna, Solomon’s daughter, assists him in many ways. Inna has been collaborating with Solomon for years, both in the field of hardware design and in his physics related projects.

Michael Dan Mossinsohn, Chief Communications Officer

Michael Dan Mossinsohn, CEO

Michael is an IT specialist who spent years studying alternative methods for energy ‘generation’. He is dedicated to bringing about a future of sustainable abundance for humankind.